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The Kansas Hereford Association offers many resources to it's members and other Hereford breeders.  The Headliner is mailed nationwide on a bi-monthly basis and is a very economical way to promote your breeding program or upcoming sale.  The Headliner is also posted on the internet via the KHA website to get your promotion out worldwide.  We publish a yearly color directory that is mailed all over the country and it too is posted on our website. Our website gives members and others the opportunity to put classified ads online that are timely and functional in merchandising Hereford cattle.

In other areas, the KHA is agressive in promoting Herefords and proving the Hereford breed's worth to the beef industry.  We do this through radio advertising, print advertising and the hands on work of the National Hereford Feedout.

The National Hereford Feedout is a way for someone with as few as five head of steers to get them fed and carcass data collected so breeders can learn what is really "under the hide" of their breeding program and see how they fit with the norms and expectations of the beef industry.  The results are then compared in a non-biased, private way with the other participants in the study to see how your cattle compare with other breeders.

It is the dedicated members of the KHA that make it work and make all of these programs possible.  To get involved with this marketing and enhancement of the Hereford breed, contact the KHA today and become a member.   Reap the benefits of the modern, industry based Hereford breed.

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